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Dataworx Has Many Differing Clients From Fortune 500 To Local Business - Here Are Just A Few

ACSCI - Interactive Informations System Site. This is an interactive, ASP based site that collects and displays information about Career Information Systems.


ASC SUNY Cortland - The ASC Of SUNY Cortland has contracted with Dataworx to provide the next level of business services to all patrons. Dataworx is proud to be working with such an active part of the SUNY Cortland School.


Barden Homes - For almost half a century the Barden & Robeson Corporation has been synonymous with providing quality material for customized homes and buildings at affordable prices. From its innovative manufacturing process to providing materials for timely and meticulous construction, Barden continues a tradition of excellence that has been a hallmark of the company since 1909 which is why when they need a full scale production control system they contacted Dataworx to do the job. Dataworx designed and developed a system to manage their distributed construction facilities.


Bev & Co. - An apparel, gift, and antique store located in Homer, New York. The site includes a built-in cart for convenient online shopping.


Brooklyn Eagle - The Brooklyn Eagle has contracted with Dataworx to provide the next level of business advertising for all of its papers. Not only will the Brooklyn Eagle have the latest in Design Online Advertising but it will also be implementing an entire new search for all of its papers as well as new mechandising and subscription sites. Dataworx is proud to be working with such a historical giant.


Child Development Center - What we do... We provide care for children from six weeks through age five. In addition, we sponsor a School-Age Recreational Program.


Connie Gamel Beautique - A fixture in her community Connies' remains dedicated to style.


Cortland Fibron BX - Fibron BX is a UK based site that is one of three sites that was developed for The Cortland Companies.


Crucible Industries, LLC - Crucible's roots trace back to 1776, when the Naylor and Sanderson Steel Mill was established in Sheffield, England. A century later, the company – then known as Sanderson Brothers - was exporting increasing quantities of tool steel to America and it was decided to establish a steelmaking plant in Syracuse, New York.


Dairylea Cooperative Inc. - Dairylea Cooperative Inc. is a farmer-owned agricultural marketing and service organization with more than 2,300 member farm families located throughout the Northeast. As the largest milk-marketing organization based in the region, Dairylea sells more than 5.5 billion pounds of raw milk annually through a milk-marketing network that reaches from Maine to Ohio to Maryland.


Dalrymple Companies - The Dalrymple Companies have supplied quality rock products, concrete and hot mix asphalt to the construction industry for nearly a century. When Dalrymple needed to have an Enterprise Wide Payroll Entry System that tied actual job costs to production levels they contacted Dataworx.


Electromark - Electromark is a full B2B/B2C e-commerce site delivering not only high quality signs, but also allows for web based design of new products for other businesses. - eMedicine, Inc. is the developer of a new networking online publishing software product that allows authors and editors from around the world to write peer reviewed articles online quickly and efficiently. The software provides extensive editorial capability and communication systems that allows author-editor communication while the journal is being written. The eMedicine, Inc. is the developer of a new networking online publishing software that allows authors and editors from around the world to write peer reviewed articles online quickly and efficiently. The software provides extensive editorial capability and communication systems that allows author-editor communication while the journal is being written. The completed journal can be published online, in hard-copy, or on CD-ROM. eMedicine, Inc. has brought this new state of the art technology to emergency medicine and will soon bring this technology to several specialties. Emergency Medicine and will soon bring this technology to several specialties.


Enterprise Service Technologies Inc - A technical service organization that sells direct services and repair parts for numerous electronic devices through their e-commerce storefront. - eSolutions, a large distributor, needed a portal access point for its distribution channels. Dataworx provided not only the channel, but a custom designed system that tied Esolutions products to their distributors' own virtual sites. Hands Missions Ministry - A Christian mission organization based out of the First Baptist Church of Homer, New York. - Realtime Hotel Reports used Dataworx for management and development help with this premier site.


iGiving.Org LLC - iGiving was founded to serve the information technology needs of the nonprofit community. The founders are successful businessmen and information technology professionals who have devoted much of their time to specific nonprofit causes in the arts, trade associations, healthcare, and agriculture. Collectively, the founders represent over 100 years of business experience in the technology and nonprofit sectors.


Lab Safety Supply - When Lab Safety need to provide customers with the abiliity to design custom labels and tags on the web XpressMySelf placed Dataworx in charge of the implementation.


LabelMaster.Com Custom Products - Label Master needed to provide clients with the ability to custom design signs and labels in real time from their site. Dataworx provided the solution needed to meet all of their customers' needs for customed designed products which included spell checking for industry related terms. Recently, was awarded 1st place for best signs e-commerce site. See Review


Marietta Packaging - When Marietta Corp., the leading manufacturer of unit-of-use samples in the personal care industry need to do online quoting and order management they called us. - Dataworx is proud to release


Varsity Soccer and Dataworx teamed up to enhance the level of service for soccer club management software.


For fifteen cents per month pre player MyEliteClub.Com provides the very best club management software. Call 607-753-6933 for a free demo.


New York State Films - New World Media was doing graphic design work for the state of New York and needed to have a high impact database driven web site that was under the complete control of the owners. Dataworx provided just the site they needed.


OfficeMax Copy Center - OfficeMax needed to create Calendars on-line. They wanted personalized 12 or 18 month calendar with a user's own photos. This data driven site provides that capability.


Supply Stop - Supply Stop need to provide a level of service to the existing client base while driving new business to the company. Dataworx designed and built an entire self branding site that allows Supply Stop and its clients to use the same services from one central location. Supply Stop will keep you making the most of current resources, and discovering supplementary sources of revenue, all while working within guidelines that assure success throughout your organization.


Systems East, Inc. - When System East, Inc. needed to take there Total Collection System to the next level they created a development alliance with Dataworx that inusre the best possible application for there user base.


The Family Medicine Associates - An interactive medical site.


TheCenter4.Com - A non-profit organization that provides resource based tools for personal development.


Town of Cortlandville - The Town of Cortlandville web site is a completely database driven site where the town has the ability to manage the site from a single web based administration system. All the photos and time sensitive information are maintained by the town.


Tully Hill - Tully Hill needed a site to provide information about costs and effective care. Tully Hill provides the highest quality care, to alcoholics or chemically dependant persons and their families, to achieve and maintain sobriety. - My1Stop - Commercial printing services for all your needs. My1Stop offers full color commercial printing of presentation folders, brochures, postcards, custom magnets, product labels, and more. High quality, fast turnaround, online quotes, and world class customer service with every order. - XpressMyself needed to create an online web based design center using state-of-the-art, proprietary software customization and online wizards co-developed by Dataworx. The site allows almost unlimited personalization of designs, onscreen proofing and downloading of designs for printing.


Yaman Real Estate - Bringing searching for, and finding property, to the next level.